About Us

 Self Tasheel® launched by eConnect Marketing Management, and identified as a smart Gov and Private Sector PRO provider in the UAE.

Self Tasheel is a platform to use by corporate and individual clients, We offer most of government and private merchants services to the end User in one smart channel. 

Self Tasheel is integrated with the service providers like MOHRE, MOHAP, DHA, COURTS, IMMIGRATION, DED, and more.

Our aim, building a smart platform documentations and archiving system , to make the transactions more easier, fast and secure.

The emergence of Self Tasheel bolted the development of Smart Services Solutions.

We believe that services need not be complicated, it need not be exclusive, it should bring solution and provide simplified processes, We design it to satisfy people, and make our lives easy.”



Providing fast and integrated services in the UAE that are consistent with government trends towards providing services that are accurate, efficient and effective in line with government service performance standards in the UAE.


Efficiency Effectiveness Quality Customer Focus Professional and Ethical Commitment


- Establishing distinguished service standards in all transactions provided to the business sector in and UAE

- Diligent pursuit of continuous improvement of performance through the application of exemplary work standards

- Achieving and exceeding customers' expectations of obtaining a service that facilitates their work

- Take advantage of the digital transformation of government agencies to provide fast and efficient service.


 Self Tasheel by eConnect Marketing Management





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