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Company name reservation DED Dubai

Company name reservation DED Dubai

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It is a service requested by the customer to obtain an official government document that expresses the trade name of the project and is used in contracts and other official situations where companies use trade names to help market their products or promote their brands. The trade name can be reserved before or after the initial approval if the customer so desires.

Trade Name Guidelines
  • The trade name you choose will be transliterated to Arabic or English but NOT translated
  • Alphabets and numbers are allowed but you cannot use icons or special characters
  • The trade name can include the partner/owner's first and last name but shouldn’t be the last name alone, e.g. (Ahmed Al-Ghamdi Properties; not Al-Ghamdi Properties)
  • A trade name cannot include words as Allah's name and all Its synonyms, countries, regions, areas, sects and organizations, already registered and known names of brands and establishments.
  • It is not allowed to reserve a name starting with words like "Universal", "Middle East", "International" and/or translate them into Arabic.
  • Trade name database is based on pronunciation, so you should identify duplicates of the name entered in both English and Arabic by matching keyword search.
  • The trade name may include specific words like Gulf, abbreviations, and foreign words and will be considered as premium trade name category A
  • The trade name may include a trademark, an Arabized name or a region, which will be considered as premium trade name category B
  • The primary activity name will be added to the trade name, but the trade name cannot be the same as the activity name
  • The trade name should be among the appropriate names that do not contain obscene words and that it should not be among the names that offend modesty and contradict public decency.
  • That it does not bear any of the names of countries, capitals or governments, except with the approval of the embassy of the country.
  • The trade name is valid for a period of six months. In the event that the trade name certificate expires, the customer must reserve the trade name again and pay all fees
  • Trademarks are not reserved in the Department of Economic Development and can be registered in the Trademarks Department of the Ministry of Economy.
  • The company has the right to use a trade name for another company that granted it the franchise right when submitting the franchise contract to the Department of Economic Development.
  • The trade name will be automatically canceled upon expiry of the reservation period if the name holder has not issued the trade license.
  • The department has the right to calculate the difference in fees of previous years for trade name violations.
  • The Department of Economic Development has the right to cancel or change the trade name if it is similar to an existing trade name or if it does not comply with the established terms and conditions.
  • The trade name reservation fee must be paid within 72 hours of the issuance of the payment authorization

    Service Fees
    1. Book or amend trade name fee: AED 600
    2. Knowledge Dirham fee: AED 10
    3. Innovation Dirham Fee: AED 10
    4. Typing Fee: AED 115 
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