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Issuance of New a Work Permit - UAE Nationals/GCC Citizens Work Permit

Issuance of New a Work Permit - UAE Nationals/GCC Citizens Work Permit

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This permit allows establishments registered with the Ministry to employ UAE nationals or citizens of the GCC.


Required Documents

  1. Clear colored photo with a white background
  2. copy of the Emirates ID card
  3. copy of a valid passport for GCC citizens
  4. The official job offer form issued by the Ministry, signed by both the employer and employee.
  5. Academic Certificates: A clear certificate bearing the name of the employee, Skill levels (1 & 2) Bachelor Degree or higher is required. Skill Levels (3 & 4) Diploma graduate or higher is required. Skill Level (5) High School Certificate is required. There is no requirement for a certificate for skill levels 6 to 9. Workers who earn less than AED 4000 per month or who do not possess a degree are not considered skilled.
  6. Professional license issued by the competent authority, example: doctor, nurse, etc. (professional license issued by the Ministry of Health - Department of Health)/ Teacher, teacher assistant (Ministry of Education - Knowledge Authority(Dubai)- Abu Dhabi Education Council- Sharjah Education Council) Fitness Trainer (Youth and Sports Authority)/ Advocate (Ministry of Justice



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