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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

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This service enables the registration of a new trademark, whereby the registration application is examined and reviewed to verify that the trademark to be registered is not identical or similar to one previously registered or requested from the Ministry of Economy. For trademarks related to the control or examination of certain products, the department shall verify the minister's approval of the same.


Service Fees

AED 750  to apply        
AED 750  Publication Fee        
AED 1500 Professional Fee 
AED 5000  Final Registration Fee    


Required Documents

    • In the event that the application is submitted in a personal name and the trademark owner is from within the country, a license is not required        
    •  A commercial license is required if the application is submitted in the name of a company or institution        
    • Compulsory legal power of attorney if the application is submitted through a trademark registration agent registered in the trademark register        
    • In the event that the trademark owner is from outside the country, it is obligatory to submit the application through a registration agent and to attach the legal and notarized power of attorney.        


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